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a network to support crime victims
VIctim Supporting Project: a NETWORK to support and aid crime victims VIctim Supporting Project: a NETWORK to support and aid crime victims VIctim Supporting Project: a NETWORK to support and aid crime victims
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The project involves five macro-actions (workstreams) with sequential scan time, while coordination and management, information and communication are transversal to the whole project.

The local network creation is the start activity; then the project will go on with the training of the operators of institutions/bodies involved in the process of treatment of victims. The drafting of procedures agreed with the professionals trained by the project to create support Centres for the victims will be done and for this reason agreements will be signed inside the network to adopt common measures to the care/support of victims.

Awareness will be aimed at the general public, through an information campaign, and at the victims, by specific materials.

The actions/workstreams:

Management and Coordination
Responsabile: Province of Livorno

The coordinator manages the budget and the activities, coordinates the partnership, organizes meetings among partners, ensures compliance with the procedures and deadlines, the monitoring and financial reporting; the partners implement the actions agreed and detailed in the Partnership Agreement by their assigned budget and human resources.

Network creation
Responsible: Region of Tuscany

It will be established among the local subjects to ensure assistance to victims of common crimes, by three Network Agreements, one for each area involved in the project (Livorno, Pisa, Mantua). In Mantua area a mapping of local services will be realized prior to network building.

Information and dissemination
Responsible: Province of Livorno

The project realizes awareness campaigns targeted to different victims groups, using different media channels to favour: linguistic and cultural accessibility, understanding of the topics related to the issues of rights, social prevention for people at risk of exposure to criminal activities, lifestyles and behaviours at high risk of victimization. Scientific articles will be edited to favour the dissemination of the topic at academic level too. An international conference on victimology will be organized.

Responsible: Libra, University of Pisa

It will be carried out joint training of workers/professionals coming into contact with victims, staff of institutions involved in the treatment process (police stations, health services, etc). Three training paths will be arranged, one in each area involved in the project, in two editions each, divided in moduls and personalized according to the users' needs. Each path includes a workshop for the exchange of good practices among the trainees/workers of different sectors, and a workshop with international contributions. At the end of the courses the trainees' contributions will implement the Guidelines for the use of operators running a Centre for Victims

Protocols of Agreement
Responsible: Province of Livorno, Province of Pisa

Agreements will be stipulated among the institutional actors involved in the local network to establish joint measures for the protection/support of victims: arrangements between police department/security agencies and local authorities; guidelines for the efficiency and first intervention; agreements aimed at the coordinated conduct on the territory of the actions in terms of safety and assistance.

Pilot-Action: a new system for the "Centres for Victims"
Responsible: University of Pisa, Libra

The workstream implements a new method to create and manage "Support Centres for Victims" with procedures learned by the operators trained during the 50 study visits and the "training on the job" at the support Centres already operating in Italy, through focus groups on relevant topics, meetings and exchanges to import the best practices. Moreover, the elaboration of an evaluation method for the victims and its scientific diffusion is also envisaged.

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