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a network to support crime victims
VIctim Supporting Project: a NETWORK to support and aid crime victims VIctim Supporting Project: a NETWORK to support and aid crime victims VIctim Supporting Project: a NETWORK to support and aid crime victims
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VIS project network (VIctim Supporting Project: a network to support and aid crime victims) has been approved by the European Commission to the Province of Livorno within the call on Specific Programme "Criminal Justice" by the DG Justice.

The project aims to support the victims of ordinary crimes, ensuring them an easier and faster access to justice and targeted attention of the involved operators.

Therefore it creates an European, national and local network to assist the victims, from the very first victimization to the end of the process of care, and experiments the procedures how to create two support Centres for victims, in Livorno and Mantua.

Vis Network in fact, through a partnership between institutions, scientific bodies, associations and organizations of the sector, integrates into the system of Tuscany and Lombardy instruments of European level to support operators at the local level.

The project starts by the creation of local networks, with new synergies among health services operators, police local stations, prefectures, institutions, associations and bodies concerned, and it allows the training of operators involved in the victim's care process by specific paths.

Through discussion, echanges and study visits to support Centres for victims, the network and operators establish joint procedures to be adopted in the daily work, and to be included in the "Guidelines" for operators. The established local networks will be formalized by Agreements adopting shared tools and practices to constitute support Centres for victims.

At the same time an awareness campaign on victim's rights, target and behaviours at risk, will bring the issue to the attention of the citizens, while scientific articles will transfer to the achademical world the experimented practices, available to train new operators.

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The "VIctim Supporting Project: a NETWORK to support and aid crime victims” nr. JUST/2011/JPEN/AG/2960 has the financial support of the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of the Province of Livorno and in no way can be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission.